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Honkai: Star Rail – Unveiling Jiaoqiu’s Leaked Abilities

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New details have emerged regarding the highly anticipated addition to Honkai: Star Rail, introducing the upcoming character Jiaoqiu. Although officially confirmed characters for the game’s version 2.0 are limited, leaked information has sparked excitement among players, shedding light on potential future characters such as Boothill and Robin.

It’s essential to note that the leaked details below are based on an early beta version of the character. Jiaoqiu’s abilities are likely to undergo significant adjustments before his official release, but these leaks offer a glimpse into what players can expect from this fiery character.

  • Jiaoqiu’s Type: Fire (Possibly Path of Nihility)
  • Basic Attack: [Details to be included here]When attacking an enemy, there is a chance to apply a debuff for a specific duration. The exact probability of the debuff application is not disclosed. Additionally, the attack inflicts fire damage.

The character’s skill applies a debuff stack on all enemies, while the focused target is subjected to two stacks of the debuff.

The ultimate ability deals single-target fire damage to the focused enemy. This target is then affected by the debuff for a specific duration with an undisclosed chance of application. The enemy with the highest number of debuff stacks serves as a reference, causing other enemies on the battlefield to receive additional debuffs to match the value of the highest stack. Moreover, an aura is created, providing healing to an ally based on a set percentage of Jiaoqiu’s own attack. Enemies also suffer increased damage from ultimate attacks and receive a debuff stack if attacked at the start of their turn. Furthermore, opponents entering the battle after the aura is established also receive a predetermined number of debuff stacks.

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